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The GBSS executives and manpower, thanks to their long experience in the security field, are in the position of providing modern and customized security services, both in Greece and abroad.
We apply all safety regulations adjusted to each client’s needs, only after completing a specialized assessment based on international security standards. Each security plan offers different actions and yields different results, determined by the client’s needs. Specifically, there are multiple parameters that interact in different environments and affect each result. Parameters such as:

  • Financial situation
  • Political situation
  • Social status
  • Educational status
  • Moral environment (Confidentiality- discretion- professionalism)
  • Technological environment
  • Natural environment
  • Legal framework

The most crucial parameter is the human parameter. Preserving its integrity is priceless.


Securing human physical integrity, facility protection and executing any kind of mission assigned. Our company’s strategy centers on the client and our executives are called to make decisions and draw up an adequate operational plan on the following issues:

  • As far as client service: Our executives decide on the way our company will fulfill the needs and the expectations of the client in a way that maximizes the sense of safety
  • As far as demand: Our executives will determine how the company will manage demand in relation to its available resources
  • As far as supply: Our executives decide on where and how services will be provided. This entails certain danger factors, given that guaranteed success needs to be combined with the proposed cost on the part of the client
  • As far as the complete operational plan: Our executives determine the flow of information between the company and the client.


Our vision is to contribute in the everyday safety and quality of life of our clients; to secure the highest level of client satisfaction; to establish ourselves globally as the leading security company.


  • To provide security and safety services
  • To plan, organize, install, run, manage, upkeep and update safety and security systems
  • To upgrade safety and security services
  • To develop new procedures
  • To expand our client list
  • To make effective use of manpower
  • To make effective use of modern technology
  • To advance and innovate
  • To implement up to date and efficient crisis management methods


  • We offer the best and largest complete safety and security services package
  • We invest on training on cutting edge technology and on the ever changing security field
  • We guarantee Discretion- Confidentiality- Efficiency
  • We ensure financial stability
  • Certified quality
  • We adjust to any danger posed against the client and any need expressed by the client
  • We implement advanced security services
  • We provide a competitive services to cost ratio





  • Protection assessments- Security plan
  • Facility (all kinds of buildings and companies, such as industries, pharmaceutical companies, airline companies offices, restaurants, ports, corporate groups, etc) and residence protection
  • Event security
  • Remote over-watch
  • Cyber security
  • VIP Protection Escorts
  • VIP transportation in armored vehicles and limos
  • Immediate Intervention
  • Incident management center
  • Security systems installation and maintenance
  • Neighborhood patrols
  • Drone Control- Over-watch
  • Static facility guarding
  • K9 guard dogs and CPO DOG


Transportation in armored vehicles and limos

V.I.P. Protection Escorts

Immediate Intervention

Guarding moving V.I.P. targets


The curricula of the seminars are based on international standards adequately adapted to the Greek security apparatus. The training seminars are organized and conducted by certified instructors who are also active in their field of teaching expertise.

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